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LeaderBridge™ is a brand new concept for accelerating business growth. Our training and courses are designed to help the small to medium sized business owner think differently about their business and their role in it. Most business owners have great ideas but do not know how to build a profitable business around them. And even when they do, it’s often at the expense of their relationships with their family, friends and even their community. 

Some of our products include:

  • The ‘Brilliant Business Owner‘ – our upcoming book on 9 seldom-taught principles that, when employed together, create a new model for success in both your business and  your life.
  • The ‘Brilliant Business Owner Course’ – in-depth training and workbooks on the 9 business owner principles.
  • LeaderBridge Express – an ongoing and integrated, step by step program of business training, personal development and leadership training for the leaders of small to mid-sized businesses.

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The Story:

We spent several years helping each other build our own respective businesses. In July 2013 we decided to share an office space, which resulted in almost non-stop master minding.  Among the spectacular surge of creative thoughts and ideas that emerged was a clear recognition of some common business, personal and leadership challenges that most business owners, entrepreneurs and executives face. These included convenient and affordable access to expert, up-to-date business education, personal development training and leadership guidance. We also recognized a gap in access to in-depth peer mastermind and networking opportunities. We came up with the concept for LeaderBridge to solve that problem. We immediately began developing and refining the business model, following the principles we have taught for years in our consulting practices.

It began with a lot of internal discussion and brainstorming, followed by the assembly of a small focus group to hammer out the business model ideas we had. We did a whole lot of white boarding, tried out different concepts, created sample training and reinvented ourselves a few times. The result was the development of LeaderBridge Express, a simple, sequential, week-by-week system of business, leadership and personal growth training.  This ongoing program bridges the mental, physical, emotional, and practical gaps between:

  • Theoretical ‘business school’ knowledge and practical day-to-day experience.
  • Thinking like a small-business entrepreneur and thinking like the CEO or C-Level executive of a growing company.
  • Being the boss and being an effective leader.
  • The daily struggles of personal life and the never-ending stresses of business life.
  • The time constraints of business ownership and the need for ongoing education and personal development.
  • The pressures of building a business and the need for a source of advice and guidance.

We are keenly aware that networking to build new relationships, and masterminding with other business owners to get the tools, resources, contacts, ideas and advice that a business owner needs are vital to growing any business. That is why it is our goal to develop a means for businesses everywhere to develop working relationships with each other.