Tony at Easel 1Tony Bodoh

Tony Bodoh empowers executives and entrepreneurs worldwide to think from a solution-mindset rather than from a problem-mindset. He is the founder and CEO of Tony Bodoh International (TBI). TBI helps startups to Global 500 companies leverage customer data to create new intelligence that empowers a company’s cultural evolution and promotes profitable growth.He is also the founder and CEO of VenuPlan, which helps senior meeting planners and the management of the world’s largest hotels collaborate to create more valuable meetings so that more ideas can be exchanged and relationships built.

Lastly, Tony is a Certified Results Coach, with certifications as a Dream Builder Coach and Life Mastery Consultant.

In addition to being an entrepreneur, Tony’s relevant experience includes:

  • Trainer for Gaylord Hotels, Ritz-Carlton, USAA and others large companies.
  • Adunct professor at Aquinas College (Nashville) for 8 years, teaching organizational behavior, business communication and business math.
  • Speaker at business intelligence and customer experience management conferences such as Business Objects, MicroStrategy, the Voice of the Customer Executive Forum & Clarabridge.
  • Presenter & panelist at the Text Mining Summit and the Annual Airlines Symposium.
  • Work profiled in CIO Magazine, Knoxville Business Journal,,, Hotel Business Magazine,,, and more.
  • Shared the stage with many noted speakers such as Jack Canfield, Mary Morissey, Bob Proctor, Gay Hendricks, Peggy McColl, Mat Boggs, Cynthia Kersey and Dave Austin.


Vinny 2010 250Vinny Ribas


When it comes to business, Vinny Ribas has 3 passions: 1) coaching and educating; 2) networking and building relationships, and; 3) connecting the people within his network as needed so they can help each other. These passions have played out in many ways.

He is a serial entrepreneur as well as a Strategic Business Consultant, specializing in identifying business growth opportunities and business sequencing. He has consulted over 1000 small and mid-sized businesses as well as solopreneurs, coaches, writers, musicians and inventors. He spent 5 years as the TN State Director of CEO Space, a global organization for high-level entrepreneurs. He is the author of ‘CEO Secrets – What They Know About Business That Every Entrepreneur Should Know,’ as well as over 300 business articles. He is also an expert at facilitating master mind sessions, having led over 750 sessions over the past 10 years. He has either spoken at or conducted workshops at numerous business, music industry, inventor and career transition events.

Vinny spent many of his early years as a full time musician, artist manager, booking agent, songwriter and the Entertainment Director for the NV State Fair. Staying true to his passions, he founded and serves as the CEO of Indie Connect, a global business club for up-and-coming artists, songwriters, musicians and music professionals. The focus of the organization is educating up-and-coming musicians on how to navigate and succeed in the music industry, and to connect them with the tools, resources and connections they need to build a sustainable music career. In Feb. 2013 Indie Connect hosted of the IC Virtual Music Conference – the world’s only international music conferences to be held exclusively online in a virtual environment. He has written over 200 music industry articles.

Vinny is also the author of the acclaimed video series, ‘Help! My Kid’s A Musician!’, which helps parents understand their child’s development as a musician, their role as a parent and ’manager’ as well as how the music industry works. Vinny is recognized globally as a thought leader, innovator and expert educator in the music industry.