Building Your Business Legacy

Signs pointing to the future© Vinny Ribas and Tony Bodoh for LeaderBridge™

You put every ounce of energy you have into your business to help it grow. You invest your precious time and your hard-earned money. It’s a roller coaster ride on which you experience the entire spectrum of emotions. One day, or even one minute you’re frustrated and pounding your fist on the table and the next you’re overjoyed and celebrating a victory. You know it may take years to get the business to the level you dream of reaching. But you do it anyway. Why? Just for a bigger paycheck?

I believe that deep inside you, and in every serious business owner, there is a dream to build something that money just can’t buy. It doesn’t matter what kind of business you’re in or how big it is. You may not have ever thought about it, but stirring around in your blood is the realization that building your business gives you the opportunity to establish your own business legacy.

Think about it. Built properly, your business can serve as a long-lasting testament to your visionary thinking and beliefs, your endless dedication and your unbridled passion for decades to come. You’re accomplishing something that your grandchildren, your great-grandchildren and even your community will be proud of. In addition, it can support many generations of your family after you’re gone.

If this resonates with you, ask yourself, “Am I building my business to outlast me?”

Here are 4 ways to build your business so that it will stand the test of time:

  1. Think of and build your business as a self-sufficient entity in itself. Develop it as a complete eco-system that can continue to thrive any time that you step away from it.
  2. Gradually step out of the day-to-day workings of the company and into the role of the guardian, the keeper of the mission and vision.
  3. Develop leaders within your business and instill in them the same ethics, morals, drive and pursuit of excellence that you built the company on. You need leaders who see your mission and buy into it 110% to run the business while you’re there and to take over for you when you step away from it.
  4. Develop a culture within the company that makes everyone, including your employees, customers, investors and even your vendors proud to be associated with it. This will ensure that the culture is carried on for years to come.

Building a business to the level of providing a great income is never easy. But building one that will last for years and is a constant reminder of your dream and your commitment to it is worth every ounce of blood, sweat and tears you put into it.