Here’s What Creatives Do To Thrive in Business

Traditional business models that leverage linear thinking are less effective today than ever before. In part the demand for more creative minds is due to a rise in complexity, the need to innovate solutions by connecting disparate ideas and the requirement to adapt to rapidly changing environments. These are opportunities for the creative business owner…

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Why You Struggle as a Creative Running a Business

The demands placed on business owners today can be overwhelming at times. But, for creative business owners, the burden can be especially frustrating. Their need to be creative within a limited timeframe and within a budget can dampen their creativity, reduce their performance and may even result in dramatic business failures. True, there are cases…

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The Foundation of All Achievements


© 2016 Tony Bodoh and Vinny Ribas Your achievements in life are directly related to your mindset. The foundations of your mindset are your beliefs about yourself. You either believe you can or you cannot achieve the things you want. This belief about your ability to achieve is frequently dependent upon whether or not you…

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Using Your Assets Like Game Pieces

Empty office

© 2016 Tony Bodoh Lately, my youngest daughter has been fascinated by a card game she received for her birthday called Machi Koro.  Essentially you start with a wheat field and a bakery and you have to be the first to build your village’s infrastructure—represented by the cards—into a thriving city.  The game is not…

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Too Much Demand and Too Little Cash Flow

No Cash

© 2016 Tony Bodoh “I have more demand than I can take. I’m saying ‘no’ to a lot of really good opportunities.” Vinny’s client was frustrated. He knew the demand for his services was there, he just could not figure out how to grow his business.  He wasn’t making enough to afford the hefty price…

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What Hand-Made Potholders Can Teach Entrepreneurs

© 2016 Tony Bodoh Last December, I was sitting in the waiting room of a tire shop waiting for my car’s flat tire to be repaired. My ten-year-old daughter sat next to me. A budding entrepreneur, she was absorbed in weaving an intricately-designed, multi-color potholder. The man behind the counter noticed. He was a single…

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The Wealth Equation

© 2015 Vinny Ribas and Tony Bodoh In a recent survey of 1000 entrepreneurs, 74.8% said that building wealth was a major motivation for opening their businesses. At the same time, the average income of an entrepreneur is $68,000.  That hardly seems like wealth in the way that most of us would view it. The…

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9 Big Problems for Small Business Owners

© 2015 Tony Bodoh and Vinny Ribas Business owners face a number of challenges every day just to keep their business moving forward. But, many of those challenges can be the result of their own behaviors.  Here are nine of the biggest, most problematic behaviors we’ve observed in the 1,000+ business owners we’ve coached. Being…

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Jealousy and Bad Decisions

© 2015 Tony Bodoh and Vinny Ribas Volkswagen was recently exposed for installing a “defeat device” in 11 million diesel cars that would detect when the cars were being tested for emissions. The device temporarily reduced the emissions so that the car would pass the tests. Once the test was over, the car would return…

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Building Your Business Legacy

© Vinny Ribas and Tony Bodoh for LeaderBridge™ You put every ounce of energy you have into your business to help it grow. You invest your precious time and your hard-earned money. It’s a roller coaster ride on which you experience the entire spectrum of emotions. One day, or even one minute you’re frustrated and…

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