Clarity Of Vision

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Business Growth Insight:  One of the most critical challenges that business owners often have is painting a very clear picture of what they want their business to look like 3-5 years in the future. This is your business vision, and should be specific and sensory (visible, auditory etc.).  ‘We’ll have more customers and we’ll be making more money’ is not a goal, it’s a wish. ‘Opening 5 new locations in NY, LA, New Orleans, Dallas and Denver, in high-traffic locations, each in a stand-alone building that is owned by the company’ is the beginning of a much clearer vision. Without a specific target to hit, it’s impossible to put a viable plan in place. Without a plan, you end up just throwing everything you can think of at the wall to see what sticks.  The more specific your vision, the easier it is to backtrack the steps that you need to take to attain it.

Leadership Growth Insight: As the business owner you are responsible for setting the goals and the direction of the company as well as developing the strategy on how you will get there. Your employees are counting on you to guide and lead them throughout the journey. If you don’t have a clear plan for moving forward, being that kind of leader is not possible. You can lean on your advisors for help in setting your vision and the plan to achieve it. Including your employees, or at least the leaders within your company, in developing the strategy can pay off tremendously. You may find that they have ideas, skills, abilities, knowledge and more that have been hidden or suppressed because their input was never solicited.

Personal Growth Insight: Picturing what you want your personal life to be 3-5 years from now is as vital as setting the vision for your company. It also ensures that your personal and business visions don’t conflict with each other. Most importantly, it is important to include your family in this discussion. It will ensure that your vision and theirs are either the same or at least harmonious. Don’t make any assumptions about what other people want. Many relationships, at every level, are shaken simply because this conversation never happened.

Tony Bodoh and Vinny Ribas are the co-founders of LeaderBridge. Tony is the author of the soon-to-be released book, ‘The Customer Within.’ He is a Fortune 150 consultant and the founder of Tony Bodoh International and VenuPlan. Vinny is the author of ‘CEO Secrets’ and has coached over 1000 entrepreneurs. He is also the founder of Indie Connect, an entertainment management, consulting and training company. Together, they have identified thirteen critical elements that successful businesses leverage in a specific sequence throughout each of four stages of business growth. Using these elements as the foundation, LeaderBridge offers a system of in-depth business, leadership and personal development training for business owners.