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"It doesn't matter whether you are shifting gears to move in the next level of your career, or you're a younger professional setting your stage. This priceless information will move you toward your goals."


Are you stuck, overwhelmed, at a standstill, or don’t know what to do next? Then Leverage, Achieve a Lot With the Little You’ve Got by Tony Bodoh, Vinny Ribas and Connie Ribas is the book for you. Written by a business consultant and executive coach, the book provides the tools you need to identify your tangible and intangible assets, and guides you through the process of setting goals and taking productive actions. Whether you’re a business entrepreneur, a creative, or someone climbing the corporate ladder, Leverage gives you what you need to get you moving in the right direction. During the process you’ll find that you and your life experiences are your greatest assets. According to the authors, “In those cases where people took this process seriously, we have yet to see it fail to reverse negative thoughts, generate new ideas, renew hope and stimulate action.” As a writer going through a period of writer’s block, I found Leverage to be just the WD-40 necessary to get the creative gears turning again.

Karen Trotter Elley
Author and Comedienne

"As the co founder of Mentor's Connection, a company that brings people closer to experts, teachers, and mentors who can show them the way to improve in specific areas of their lives, one thing that we have seen is how people in general struggle with how little options they have or how impossible their goals are, so for us it's vital to find the right experts who can deliver powerful information, yet simple enough for the public to implement it. In this book, Tony, Vinny, and Connie take the reader step by step on a path that can be extremely scary, and in one that most entrepreneurs give up thinking they don't have what it takes, and they found a formula to do so in a practical and joyful way so people can feel empowered and take action".

Dr. Gus A.Glez
Mentors Connection - Co-Founder

“The ability to achieve big goals and dreams requires a parallel ability to think about the incremental and sometimes small steps and activities it takes to pursue those goals and dreams. That’s what this book, Leverage, is all about . . . providing you with the practical steps and activities to help you map out the assets, resources and sequence you will need to reach your desired success. Your result is a clear plan for what to do and how to do it.”

Dr. Joan Rosenberg
Psychologist and Best Selling Author of Ease Your Anxiety; Host of The MindStream Podcast; Creator of Emotional Mastery Training

Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he. Proverbs 29:18 KJV

"Leverage: Achieve a Lot with the Little You've Got" is the practical implementation of this scriptural truth.  Through the simple process you describe, an individual is able to speak out his or her vision for accomplishing the task before him or her.  By following through on your action steps, properly executing in sequence, task by task, joy is restored and life is accomplished.  “Keeping”your forms make what could seem a daunting process, achievable, bringing both success and the happiness of accomplishment.  Well done!

Tim Cummings, PE
Marketplace Evangelist to Business Owners

LEVERAGE: Achieve A Lot With The Little You’ve Got” delivers on the title. This book is different because provides a brief, "fluff free", process that you can really use.  It gives the tools and the space to make it customizable to you , your situation, your desires, and your assets.   I've know the authors for a while and, as they demonstrate in the case study, they live this stuff!

Joe Brodnicki
Self-Actualization Trainer and Meta Coach

Tony and Vinny have created a very practical, inspiring book that gives readers a path to success.  Their approach equips the reader with an acton plan to move from point A to point B and discover the power of momentum in achieving any type of goal.  The worksheets are a great bonus with hands-on resource to help you gather and organize your thoughts.  This is a book for every person’s library.

Kayla Barrett
President - Organizational Impact

Entrepreneurs, executives, and anybody with a dream or an idea will benefit greatly from this work. We all to often become discouraged and lose sight of the fact that we always have more available to us than we think. Tony, Vinny, and Connie have nailed this and given us a easy to use, easy to remember, clear and concise process that includes accountability to follow when we lose sight of our own resources.

David Norris
Former COO - Happy State Bank

If you just opened this book not knowing what to expect, it's going to challenge the way you think about your assets. These timeless principles will give you the structure that allows you to transform your results. It doesn't matter whether you are shifting gears to move on to the next level of your career, or you're a younger professional just now setting your stage. This priceless information will move you toward your goals.

Ricardo GP
Mentors Connection

This is a terrific book.  It is impactful and has the power to tap into our limitless potential. Leverage takes a pragmatic approach to achieving your goals.

The workbook examples and explanations make it easy to frame your assets in an orderly sequence to develop a plan for action. As I read along and thought about my answers, I could see myself moving towards my goal.  Thanks for sharing this amazing knowledge.

Raquelle Pantano
Fortune 500 Sales Leader