LEVERAGE - # 1 Best Selling Book

Learn how to achieve any goal, big or small starting from where you are and with what you've got.  The money, resources, connections and guidance you need to accomplish any business or personal goal are right there at your fingertips! Click Here for more information.

Learn to harness the unbelievable power of your many assets in this in-depth training based on the book, LEVERAGE - Achieve a Lot with the Little You've Got. Click Here for information.


LeaderBridge Express

This 52 week course is the only one of its kind that helps a business owner, or Guardian, grow as a business person, a leader and personally! We dive very deeply into one of the 13 roles within every business as well as the 4 growth cycles that each one goes through on an ongoing basis. The end result is an acceleration in not only the growth of your business, but in your own growth as well.  

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Guardian Training Calls

Tony, Vinny, Connie and expert guests dig deeper into what it takes to be the true Guardian of your business in this year-long series. 

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ProfiTornado is a 90 day program that will guide your personal development and enable greater business growth. 

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