The Foundation of All Achievements


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Your achievements in life are directly related to your mindset. The foundations of your mindset are your beliefs about yourself. You either believe you can or you cannot achieve the things you want. This belief about your ability to achieve is frequently dependent upon whether or not you believe you have or have access to every resource you require for the achievement you desire. Your success or failure is directly correlated to your belief regarding your access to resources.

When you believe you have access to everything you require to achieve your goals, you begin to believe in what is possible. This positive belief is paramount to your success. Believing that you lack and will never have the resources you require will imminently lead to failure.

How do you turn your belief that you have access to everything you require into action? It starts by purposefully identifying and documenting every resource available to you. You can then turn to that list to easily see the resources you can turn to or leverage when challenges arise or to inspire you when you are seeking the next possible action that will move you toward your goal. So, the first logical step is to identify every one of those resources available to you and to write them down in an orderly way. (Read more about how to leverage your assets in this post: “Using Your Assets Like Game Pieces”)

Once you realize the vast number of resources you have within your reach, it becomes much easier to set a goal, build a solid, effective plan and relentlessly follow it. Keep in mind that all the while you must continue to BE the person who believes that you have or have access to everything you require.  You prove this belief with your relentless action using every resource you have or have access to in order to take the next step.

On the other hand, you may have a goal you truly want to achieve but don’t believe everything you require is somehow already within your reach. This is very common. While coaching over 1,000 entrepreneurs, we discovered that to succeed it is imperative that you first reverse this lack of belief. Not believing you have or have access to everything you require naturally leads to believing that you will never achieve your goals. As a result, all your efforts will inevitably fall short. This can be proven by asking anyone who has failed why that happened. Over and over again they will tell you that they did not have or have access to something they needed. After all, it is a very convenient excuse. Lack was, and is still their foundational belief.

The good news is that you can develop this faith in the availability of resources and use it as a solid foundation for your plans. It requires a rigorous and possibly searingly honest look at yourself and your life. We describe it this way NOT because you have to admit what you don’t have, but for the opposite reason. You must admit to yourself all that you do have and all that you have been able to already achieve with what you had before. You must acknowledge the skills you’ve developed in yourself when you had even less than you have now. This is hard for many people because they believe what they’ve done is of little value or consequence, They say, “It’s just me,” or “I was just doing my job.”

This work of taking an honest inventory of your resources demands that you open the depths of your memory, your heart and your mind to all you have or have access to. What do you own? What have you achieved? What have you really learned? What do you believe you can achieve? What have you thought? Who have you met? What relationships have you formed? And on and on…

At first, some of our clients think that this entire process is one of the most one of the most painful experiences of their lives because they have to challenge every voice in their heads telling them, “You’re a damned fool,” or “You’re a loser,” or “You’re worthless.” The truth is that you must overcome the shadows of family, friends, enemies, teachers, bosses and all those who said “Who do you think you are?” even before you understood what those words really meant.

As you work through the process of shifting your beliefs about yourself you’ll experience an expansion of your self-worth, a determined confidence and an unrelenting willingness to continue to grow. It becomes energizing and even exhilarating. At that point little successes fuel you. Out of the blue, energy and emotional resilience show up so you can get back to the work of achieving your goal. This resilience will continue to alter even more of your beliefs. With every win you can do even more because you see yourself as better and stronger than before. Every ‘failure’ that you experience now is not cause for defeat because you translate it into a moment of growth and learn from it what you can.

That is precisely what our book “LEVERAGE: Achieve a Lot with the Little You’ve Got” and the accompanying master class teach our clients. We help you to turn that incredulous question, “Who do you think you are?” into the most powerful question you’ll ever ask yourself: “Who do I think I am?”

You learn to see what you have and have access to. And you can go further you learn how to employ those things so you can achieve whatever goal you deeply desire but, up to this point, have been blocked from achieving. You’ll see that the blocks were never ‘out there’. They were within you. And, within you is also where all of your resources are for the achievement of your goals.

Build your asset list. See your achievements of the past. Get to know who YOU REALLY ARE. These are always the first steps toward your next level of success.

Tony Bodoh is the CEO of LeaderBridge. He is also a Fortune 150 consultant, the founder of Tony Bodoh International and the best-selling author of “The Complete Experience: Unlocking the Secrets of Online Reviews That Drive Customer Loyalty“.  Tony is also a popular speaker at business and customer experience conferences.  Vinny Ribas is the President of LeaderBridge. He is the CEO of Top 4M Entertainment, the CEO of Indie Connect, a consultant to 1000+ small businesses and the author of “CEO Secrets: What They Know About Business That Every Entrepreneur Should“. Vinny is also a popular speaker at business and music industry conferences. Together they wrote the #1 Best-Selling book, ‘LEVERAGE:  Achieve a Lot with the Little You’ve Got‘ (with Connie Ribas) and teach an in-depth 4-week course based on it.