The Value of Training

meeting_presentation© 2014 Tony Bodoh and Vinny Ribas for LeaderBridge™

Business Growth Insight: When finances get tight, most companies cut training first. These companies are led by executives who find it hard to justify the investment in having dedicated staff or outside vendors come in to train employees. They also cannot justify the cost of having employees not working but getting paid. This short-sighted approach has long-term impact. With just a 10% improvement in employee productivity, the company will receive over 200 hours of equivalent work from the employee over the coming year. That is 5 weeks of return for a few hours or days of training.

Leadership Growth Insight: Leaders know that training never ends. Leaders are learners first. The commitment to lead necessitates the commitment to continually educate oneself and one’s team on the newest techniques in business and personal mastery.

Personal Growth Insight: Personal development is often neglected because people claim there is not enough time in the day. Successful individuals often respond that investing time in personal development will free up one’s schedule. They know from personal experience that emotional blocks or mental obstacles often get in the way of faster achievement. They demand the time from their calendar and the money from their budget for training so they can continue to grow.

Tony Bodoh and Vinny Ribas are the co-founders of LeaderBridge. Tony is the author of the soon-to-be released book, ‘The Customer Within.’ He is a Fortune 150 consultant and the founder of Tony Bodoh International and VenuPlan. Vinny is the author of ‘CEO Secrets’ and has coached over 1000 entrepreneurs. He is also the founder of Indie Connect, an entertainment management, consulting and training company. Together, they have identified thirteen critical elements that successful businesses leverage in a specific sequence throughout each of four stages of business growth. Using these elements as the foundation, LeaderBridge offers a system of in-depth business, leadership and personal development training for business owners.